The most-used words in the writing of David Keuning:

the(1379), of(656), a(612), to(500), in(470), and(417), that(328), is(287), for(201), i(172), it(166), with(160), you(148), are(134), on(134), we(131), this(118), but(115), as(114), not(105), they(101), an(97), have(95), was(91), its(89), building(86), by(85), at(84), be(75), all(74), from(73), about(70), he(67), architecture(66), were(65), their(64), which(63), very(63), has(61), design(60), also(59), what(59), like(57), (55), work(53), had(52), his(50), can(50), architects(49), do(49), way(47), so(46), our(46), there(46), one(45), time(41), out(41), if(38), when(38), other(38), them(36), been(35), think(35), your(35), more(35), thats(34), than(34), made(33), people(33), into(32), buildings(32), only(32), says(32), book(32), first(31), did(31), project(31), up(31), these(30), or(30), two(30), institute(30), new(30), same(29), would(29), because(28), make(28), dont(27), me(27), own(26), netherlands(26), who(26), much(25), glass(25), no(25), my(24), books(24), such(24), many(24), house(24), even(23), still(23), years(22), some(22), now(22), different(22), good(22), after(22), public(21), well(21), get(21), projects(21), riedijk(21), see(21), really(21), together(21), most(21), designed(20), how(20), something(20), city(19), architect(19), world(19), van(19), space(19), each(19), does(19), lot(18), us(18), office(18), sound(18), things(18), between(18), part(18), point(17), name(17), could(17), just(17), say(17), example(17), working(17), history(16), any(16), dutch(16), archives(16), vision(16), around(16), used(16), school(16), kind(16), fašade(16), through(16), images(16), come(15), important(15), course(15), went(15), side(15), go(15), too(15), big(14), de(14), him(14), firm(14), including(14), practice(14), magazine(14), television(14), idea(14), china(14), works(13), states(13), neutelings(13), fat(13), seems(13), drupsteen(13), those(13), instance(13), want(13), citroŰn(13), ru(13), form(13), culture(13), then(13), find(13), sense(13), behind(13), always(12), little(12), back(12), makes(12), know(12), over(12), possible(12), everything(12), large(12), number(12), whole(12), every(12), centre(12), thought(12), enough(12), great(12), united(12), construction(12), interior(12), sometimes(12), put(12), society(12), place(12), old(11), rather(11), built(11), view(11), got(11), mind(11), american(11), tafuri(11), magazines(11), yet(10), long(10), going(10), before(10), wanted(10), mall(10), experience(10), both(10), jongert(10), means(10), start(10), university(10), difficult(10), certain(10), panels(10), look(10), itself(10), often(10), waste(10), worked(10), year(10), paris(10), she(10), came(10), walls(10), nothing(10), thing(10), produce(10), youre(10), cultural(10), clear(10), anything(9), designs(9), hall(9), process(9), gautrand(9), never(9), modern(9), materials(9), question(9), colour(9), right(9), french(9), approach(9), students(9), able(9), fact(9), read(9), take(9), firms(9), cannot(9), material(9), without(9), turned(9), end(9), involved(8), living(8), actually(8), ego(8), create(8), volume(8), though(8), structure(8), exactly(8), based(8), high(8), above(8), theory(8), sort(8), round(8), light(8), understand(8), cars(8), atrium(8), goes(8), influence(8), reference(8), steel(8), according(8), commercial(8), immediately(8), competition(8), central(8), keep(8), john(8), quite(8), media(8), spaces(8), personal(8), took(8), across(8), should(8), offices(8), making(8), give(8), terms(8), main(8), quality(8), almost(8), visual(8), once(8), few(8), role(8), here(8), commission(8), small(8), cities(8), beginning(8), factory(7), recycled(7), industrial(7), im(7), issue(7), need(7), scale(7), istanbul(7), produced(7), where(7), looks(7), england(7), per(7), colours(7), off(7), red(7), wall(7), amsterdam(7), box(7), archive(7), level(7), started(7), life(7), whether(7), comes(7), film(7), being(7), programmes(7), housing(7), david(7), probably(7), while(7), moussavi(7), keuningphotos(7), however(7), floor(7), client(7), said(7), theyre(7), programme(7), technology(7), isnt(7), call(7), site(7), visitors(7), problem(7), location(7), yes(7), context(7), berlage(7), rotterdam(7), ideas(7), floors(7), within(7), will(7), last(7), graphic(7), 1(7), during(7), second(7), list(7), subject(7), am(7), archis(7), why(7), called(7), allowed(7), hes(7), designer(7), opinion(6), yokohama(6), reach(6), company(6), larger(6), others(6), documents(6), play(6), student(6), down(6), use(6), feature(6), liked(6), area(6), cant(6), shopping(6), thinking(6), next(6), showroom(6), allows(6), field(6), under(6), charles(6), longer(6), turn(6), tv(6), museum(6), nanne(6), although(6), amount(6), common(6), happened(6), tradition(6), partly(6), perhaps(6), commissions(6), day(6), products(6), become(6), intended(6), research(6), open(6), case(6), another(6), bright(6), screen(6), roof(6), brings(6), academic(6), neighbourhood(6), bit(6), interested(6), found(6), three(6), days(6), cynical(6), might(6), along(6), distance(6), since(6), furniture(6), among(6), addition(6), huis(6), layer(6), four(6), logo(6), gradually(6), houses(6), again(6), may(6), spanish(6), countries(6), choice(6), shop(6), seen(6), enormous(6), done(6), huge(6), ever(5), live(5), climate(5), meant(5), doesnt(5), taking(5), 2(5), urban(5), position(5), hand(5), fronts(5), appearance(5), mark(5), having(5), nice(5), guy(5), various(5), chinese(5), themselves(5), youd(5), following(5), several(5), production(5), opposite(5), single(5), cent(5), theres(5), looking(5), successful(5), 3(5), highly(5), didnt(5), colenbrander(5), 4(5), gave(5), superficial(5), particularly(5), her(5), limited(5), link(5), management(5), wood(5), speaking(5), shops(5), energy(5), ultimately(5), windows(5), whom(5), koolhaas(5), later(5), transport(5), try(5), selection(5), visit(5), top(5), 5(5), asked(5), takes(5), significant(5), function(5), rooms(5), extremely(5), broadcasting(5), century(5), glance(5), leads(5), jaap(5), foundation(5), access(5), exterior(5), outside(5), further(5), wed(5), plans(5), broad(5), famous(5), recent(5), car(5), plot(5), therefore(5), plaza(5), companies(5), street(5), audience(5), vriezen(5)